Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Rebecca Bourne: Textile Artist

Good Evening my friends!!! I know I have already posted today but I have been given the all clear to write a post especially about the creator of my latest piece of acquired artwork.
I have to admit, I do love a good giveaway and there is no place like the arty backstreets of Facebook to find all these beautiful, wacky, quirky, handcrafted pieces which are simply being given away for free! (As long as you win the giveaway of course). I have been lucky enough to win two in about the same amount of weeks and it has been tremendously exciting!!! (Possibly not for the postman though as he does get rather ambushed every time he walks down the path). The latest one, as you may well know, was a hand stitched card by the talented Rebecca, who also stitched my name as a little extra (modelled here by her gorgeous cat Pebbles).

Before I show you lots of fabulous pictures of her work, let me give you her details so that you can commission a piece for yourself or just follow her work and gaze adoringly over the intricate stitching, collaged fabrics and hand painted brush strokes. As I mentioned in my previous post she has a regularly updated Facebook page, as well as a BlogSpot blog so do head on over and say hi, I'm sure she would be thrilled to see you.

Don't you just love the tablecloth in the above piece?

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