Monday, 14 October 2013

The Dotty T Shop!!

Hellloooooo!!!! I am hopping with excitement over here. It has finally happened, I have opened a shop (admittedly it is on Facebook) and made my first sale!!! Super thrilling- can you say super thrilling? Is that a thing? Anyway, if you are connected to the fabulous social network that is Facebook then hop on over to the Dotty Textiles page (link is on the right), or you can click here to see the album with all my bits in (apparently you can see this album even if you aren't a Face-booker).

Currently on sale there are lavender bags, Sleepy Ewes and Porky Piggles... so if one grabs your fancy then you can email me with the code listed next to the photo and we can have a little chat. =D

There are only limited amounts of these items so hurry whilst stocks last!!! xx

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