Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Very Welcome Post

Oooo I have been feeling under the weather today, really head-achy and no tablets or foods seem to help. I haven't been able to get in to the studio either so have spent the day at home mooching around. Luckily for me, The Mother very cleverly timed her parcel posting so that I would receive a much needed present to brighten my day!! It was FULL of interesting things, from socks to a fabric badge, felt butterflies to cereal. Even Kit sent me a little present of a ribbon with blacks cats on!
The box is significantly emptier now though... the Dorest cereal was my rather late breakfast, the hot chocolate was scrummy and my mid morning beverage, the hoola hoops were part of lunch and then I settled down to do some colouring!

I love shrinkies, look how cute my little fairy is now I have shrunk her!!

Thank you Mum!!! xx

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