Friday, 29 November 2013

A Christmas Street

Evening!! Aren't these houses lovely? They are the returns for the Christmas Street swap that my ATC group are doing this year. I haven't stitched them together yet as I am toying with the idea of making some more to elongate the street- just cant get enough!!
 (By Hazel)
 (By Wendy)
 (By Alison)
 (By Eileen)
Christmas has come to Sweetbriar!!! I have spent the evening cleaning and tidying my bedroom to make room for my tree and decorations. This year I splashed out and bought some pretty lights for my little tree and it looks so pretty lighting up the corner of my bedroom. (I am planning on sitting in bed later with only the tree lights on so that I can soak up the Christmassy essence!!) I got quite carried away and found extra decorations in my drawer so have decorated the kitchen as well with these fabulous pom poms and a snowflake garland that has managed to drape itself over the TV too. So excited!!
At university today we cut out our first proper Christmas decorations. They took quite a long time as we kept getting the laser cut settings wrong, but eventually we managed to cut out lots!! And there will be many more designs popping up over the next week or so. These are for sale to you all, although there will be postage costs involved. If you are interested in any of our little decorations then email me ( or leave a comment below. xx

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