Sunday, 17 November 2013

Christmas In Leicester

Hello!!! I have had a fabulous day today!! Christmas started in Leicester, with a market, lights, camel procession, Santa, music... it was really lovely!! You may remember for the last two years (2012 and 2011) we have eagerly waited for this great event, although this year it was even bigger!!! The themes at the Town Hall were Thomas the Tank Engine, and The Wombles.

And of course the traditional nativity scene was there as well, with it's own camel.

The market was spectacular- lots of food this year and some interesting present ideas (not saying any more as the family reads this blog!). I had the most amazing rum cream mince pie, and Lucy had a very rich chocolate tart thing. Scrummy.

We joined the crowd, waiting and waiting for the procession, and the one word on everyone's lips was....'camels'. We all stared eagerly into the distance, watching the clock tick down....

...and finally....there they were!!!

Myself and Lucy went on a bit of a camel expedition, and followed them all the way around the (very short) procession. Eventually getting up close and personal when they were held in a pen for a bit.

Then we had to wander round town and wait for the lights to turn on! As this year was totally different to the previous two, we waited in the middle of the town centre rather than by the town hall, good thing too as there were tHoUsAnDs of people there!! There was a big stage with a variety of bands and performances, and Santa helped us count down to lights on (and snow!).

Such a fantastic light display!!

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