Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Christmas Is Coming!!

Evening All!! I just wanted to share with you some ideas from a group project I am involved in at uni. We have to raise LOTS of money for our degree show so have been trying to pool our ideas and talents to come up with lots of fund-raising ideas. One of which is laser cut decorations!!!

I designed several of these hearts, although it has been a very interesting learning curve for me, as what looks like a fabulous idea on the computer, doesn't necessarily relate well to the laser cutter. Lines may be too thin, sections may not cut out well enough, or join in the right places.... The hearts below have worked out very well though (absolutely thrilled to bits with seeing my design become a reality!!!) and we have cut out lots of little ones- these are only 5cm across.

 I also found lots of Christmas fabrics on offer in various shops around Leicester which is absolutely brilliant and inspiring lots of presents I can make this year. (Scented Christmas sachets anyone?)

If you are interested in buying any of these little shapes, then more designs will be popping up on my facebook page as and when they are cut out, so hop on over to order, or comment below. xx

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