Saturday, 16 November 2013

Handmade For Beth

Evening Everyone! Hope you have had a lovely week. Mine simply whizzed by!! I have a big deadline coming up week Tuesday so I have been stitching and dip dyeing and heat gunning like mad. Still, it is nice at the weekend to just sit back and relax a bit, hand stitch in front of Strictly  and just de-stress.
I was lying in wait for the postman this morning as I had to have a parcel redelivered for today from The Mother. And it was a very creative parcel this week!! Lots of hand made things with cute little touches (plus some cereal for breakfast and a hot chocolate stick for an evening cocoa!).

This lovely doll is a tweaked pattern from one of the Sew and Stitch magazines- don't you just love the pom pom trim?!

 A sweet little purse and scrapbooked recipe book, and, something I have been begging The Mother to make since she made her own one... a sewing case!!! It's so pretty!! Thanks Mum. =D x

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