Thursday, 21 November 2013

Nearing The End

Evening All!! It has been an increasingly stressful week this week what with my pre-collection uni project nearing the end (Tuesday-- argh!!). However, I did manage to find time an evening not so long ago to just take a breather and make some colour themed fabric ATCs. This month the theme is...can you guess? Red, Green and Gold!!

Eurgh, I'm not sure I should show you this but I will anyway; this is the mess that currently is my studio space...

Bits and bobs and samples everywhere!! Such a lot of clutter, it really needs a tidy. Maybe tomorrow lunchtime...

We had a guest lecturer come and speak to us today about her work. Debbie Smyth is known for using pins and thread in her work, and not a lot else!! She creates the most amazing large scale drawings with this technique, and also little sellable items that you can buy!!! You may have seen her work featured in various books, including Kirstie Allsopp Craft.
We had a little workshop with her, trying out various now of course, I'm thinking, unusual Christmas presents?

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