Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Pre-Collection Hand In

Bonjourno!!! It is finished! The pre-collection section of third year has been completed and ticked off....which of course means that I now have to spend the next 6 or so months on my final major project. Such fun!!!
I have a special special special treat for you all- an exclusive glimpse at some of my peers' final collections!!! Lots of utterly gorgeous, beautifully crafted designs that display the individual talent that is in abundance in my studio.

Megan Evans: Inspired by the architecture of Kings College Cathedral.

Freya Smith: Combining textures of the seaside with architectural structures.

Amber Gargan: Gorgeous florals painstakingly stitched using the Irish machine.

Sarah Pearce: Looking at the shapes and textures within animal fur/feather/scale markings.

Steph Randall: Originally inspired by tree roots, but with an influence from the film, Avatar.

Kat Lawrence: Inspired by lots of different things, this collection uses a lot of laser cutting!

Jess Fellows: Put on your sunglasses!! Neon abounds in this communication within cultures project.

Beth Roseveare: A very cute project based on one town and the layering of it's buildings.

Nina Willsher: Inspired by reflections, refractions and glitches.

Victoria de Nobrega: Lots of Photoshop edited images and embossed leathers in this project.

So there we go!! I haven't said much about each project as I think they are all lovely and that the photos speak for themselves. If this is the quality of work for the pre-collection, just wait for the FMP!!!! Your minds will be blown. xx

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