Saturday, 9 November 2013

Sew & Stitch: Take Two

(By Annie) 

A very good afternoon to you all! This really is a very stitchy post and (in my opinion) quite exciting. First up are the lovely Cream ATCs I received in the post this week. Aren't they gorgeous? One of my most favourite sets I think. Do click on them to enlarge and take in the details.

 (By Alison)                                               (By Wendy)
Also this week came my second parcel from Sew & Stitch. I am thoroughly enjoying this magazine subscription and the little embroidered squares. The challenge for me is to follow their pattern up to a point but then change it to make it mine- so there was quite a lot of rebelling this week. This is a weekly magazine but as I have subscribed I get four issues at once with a special gift (this months was a set of little embroidery hoops).

This patch is a 'Ships Wheel' patch- I have changed the stitches on this one, it was supposed to be picot stitches (basically a single chain stitch with a long stitch) but I changed to pistil stitch (a French knot with a long stitch).

This was a very simple patch and didn't take very long to do at all- again the stitches have been changed here as it was supposed to be different variations of chain stitch, but I'm not a very neat chain stitcher so changed to Pekinese stitch (which I absolutely LOVE!).

Now this patch stumped both myself and The Mother (who is making her own quilt) as in the design there is a random triangle shape in the top right corner. Currently I am leaving it out until it becomes clear what that triangle is for (bunting perhaps?), but I am very pleased with my turned applique starfish and running stitches.

And the last patch (the green background one) was very excitingly joined to the first bunting square made before stitching on the new bunting. So my trusty sewing machine jumped to the fore here and whizzed them together.

On the blue background square I had kind of improvised the placement of the bunting triangles and the string itself, rather than follow the template, so the same had to happen with the green background square and I played around with the placement for a while before stitching down.
Look how neat my seam is!!! The first of many I hope.

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  1. Your stitches are very neat. The starfish square looks fantastic. I wonder who taught you your embroidery skills? X