Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Cold & Crisp

Oh what a beautiful moooorrrnnniiinngggg....oh what a beautiful daaaayyyy.... Well it was the afternoon actually when  myself and Lucy set out to wander round a university run craft fair. But it still felt fresh and new, and bloomin' cold!!! Everywhere seems cold at the moment. Our boiler has given up the ghost and been branded 'immediately dangerous' so we have no heating other than 4 electric heaters for the entire house of 6 people- doesn't work very well. Plus we have just had the fabulous news that they can't just replace said boiler because the laws have changed and it now needs to be on an outside wall rather than the inside wall it is currently on.
It all sounds fine and dandy, except that there isn't any space on our outside walls for a boiler, plus the pipes all need changing and various other connecting bits aren't in the right place. It's too technical for me and I'm not really sure what is going on other than being told that floors will have to come up, cupboards out, pipes replaced....(big sigh).

Still, at least the weather is beautiful. You can at least attempt to convince yourself that because the sun is out, it is warm outside (until you go outside that is!!). The ducks don't seem to mind though.

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