Monday, 30 December 2013

Happy New Year!!!


I know I am a day early in saying this but I don't want to forget as I will be out partying the night away and welcoming in the New Year whilst waving goodbye to the old (hopefully with a glass of Bucks Fizz in hand). What do you like to do at New Year, any traditions that you have for your family?

I have been pondering over the last year, and re-visiting all of my posts since January. That's the best thing about a blog I think, it's almost like a diary with pictures that spark off millions of memories, both good and bad (mostly good here in DT land). So I have chosen some of my favourite photos and made little montage boards that I hope you will enjoy.

I've visited Paris, Cannes and Devon, designed and created multiple felted things, finished a crochet blanket and started another one, made lots of sweet edibles and lots of savoury ones, drunk an aWfUl lot of coffee, made a huge rag rug, sniffed hundreds of flowers, painted several plates, adopted a cat, ooohed over yarn bombing in the park, watched fireworks and sunsets, gazed at blue skies and mourned over grey ones, and thousands of other things!! Amazing what you can pack into a year really. See you in 2014!!! xxx

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