Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Stocking Surprise

I have had my own secret project this last week. I have been dying to share it with you but managed to still my fingers until the secret was revealed to my housemates.
Today was our day to do our house Christmas dinner and exchange presents. We thought we would do it a little differently this year, and try and spend about £2 on each other (quite a challenge!!!), whether that be one present for £2 or lots of little tiny presents.
We had been talking about putting out stockings over our bedroom door handles and then going round filling them up with our gifts, but finally decided to use my little Christmas tree and arrange our presents around it.
I really liked the idea of stockings though and thought I would make the girls a stocking each and fill it up with my mini gifts!!! I had to be sneaky and make them all at university so that they wouldn't hear me use my sewing machine and come to see what I was making.

I drew the pattern from scratch and painstakingly cut out all of the pieces, doing a lot of meticulous ironing, folding and snipping to make sure that everything lay flat. The holly leaves were stitched on before the stocking was put together, although I hand stitched the holly berries on afterwards- I'm not sure why....there must have been a reason at the time. 
I am really thrilled with how they turned out!!

I filled them with little Christmas chocolates, candy canes, a laser cut wooden heart (my own design!!), satsumas and party poppers and arranged them on the sofa as they wouldn't quite fit under the tree.

I think the girls really liked them!!!

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