Thursday, 2 January 2014

By Gosh, By Golly

Good Afternoon my Lovelies!!! How are we all? I am sure you are fed up of hearing about the weather, and indeed fed up with the weather itself, but I'm afraid I simply have to talk about it (...again...). One of the blogs I follow, The Green Dragonfly, is written in New Zealand and I am getting very jealous of the bright, colourful, SUNNY photos that are being posted. Which was why this morning I was very pleasantly surprised to see sunlight filtering through the crack in the curtains. How gorgeous to see blue sky, more than big enough to stitch a sailor's trousers with. And, by gosh, is that actually warmth I felt on my back when I ventured outside? Golly!

The reason for venturing outside was a quick bus trip into Brighton with myself and The Parents to spend our Christmas money. We paused in Lewes bus stop along the way and I was very struck with how the chimney pots almost seem to glow in the sunshine!! They are so cute and higgledy-piggledy (any excuse to say that word)- plus I may have some of them appearing in my final major project, you never know!!

We got back from Brighton just in time, the clouds started rolling in and the first few fat droplets splashed into the garden. They did create part of a lovely rainbow though.

The poor owls have been rather battered out there.

Still, today seems to be a day for constantly changing weather and we are now in a sort of rain-limbo, with rapidly passing clouds and fading light. Time to shut the curtains and pretend to hibernate I think!! Snuggling up with a cat on your lap, hot coffee and cake by your side, soft music playing...

...the sight of nearly blooming hyacinths on the windowsill. I bought a pot of these for myself and a pot to cheer up my Grandad. Mine are obviously a lot shyer than his because they have been blooming for several days (they are a gorgeous light blue colour) and the smell certainly packs a punch!!! Maybe I need to have a chat with my ones.

Before I go, I must share with you the lovely things I have bought with my Christmas money...

A new cutting mat, specifically for fabrics (my old one is covered in paint and glue), a patch-working square ruler, white cotton and cream patterned cotton, THREE swiss rolls(!!!) and some gorgeous coloured yarn.

Look how pretty the patterned white cotton is! And I am so pleased with my swiss rolls (sourced from Fabric Land). They are kind of like the jelly rolls you can get which are 40 strips of fabric at 2 1/2 inches wide, except there are only 20 strips in a swiss roll. I now have 5 different rolls, all of which are complimentary colours so I can make lots of different things!! I am hoping to discover a talent for quilt making and will let you know how it goes!!

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