Tuesday, 14 January 2014

F, F, F, Freezing!!!!

Oh my giddy Aunt!!! It was such a beautiful day today but oh so deceptively cold! We have been having the boiler fixed so the outside doors have been wide open all day for ventilation. I may have to snuggle in bed with a hot water bottle after writing this as I am starting to lose the feeling in my fingers!!!

The other day I was in the mood for some stitching and decided to make one of the swaps I am involved in for my ATC group. This one is based on pleating, and I snuck in some couching too. I just love the zingy green with the blue and pretty patterned cream. Hopefully the ladies who receive one of these will love them too.

As I mentioned, the boiler work began this morning. You probably noticed I have been moaning about the temperature for over two months now, and it was supposed to be fixed over the Christmas holidays although nothing happened- but finally things are moving in the right direction!! The house is an absolute mess as the boiler itself is actually being moved and generally pipes and radiators are being updated. We found some pretty cool wallpaper behind one of the radiators in the hallway when the lads took it off the wall.

I think it looks better than the bright yellow 'textured' paper it has been replaced by!!

The boiler itself looks quite shabby, covered in dust and icky-ness (no wonder it caught on fire!!). I thought the fluffy bits on it look a bit like frost and they inspire great ideas for texture.

And, as an attempt to keep warm under lots of blankets, I finished my camp blanket!!!! I have no idea how many badges there are on here (you can count them if you like and get back to me), but each one holds a memory and I think it looks fab!!! I've already started a new one too- they are addictive!

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