Friday, 3 January 2014

♥ Snuggly Blankets ♥

Hello my Lovelies! My Christmas holiday is nearly over and I return to Leicester tomorrow. I can't say I am overjoyed by the prospect, the Final Major Project is a slightly terrifying concept and I think these final two terms will be very difficult. Still, hopefully my home projects will keep me going and cheerful. I have been adding a few more stitches to my bobble blanket and it is I love feeling the texture of it under my fingers, the bobbles just make you want to stroke the blanket all the time- not good if you are trying to crochet them instead. The colours are really zinging together now too, especially my sunset stripes.

This blanket is going to take a very long time!

Thinking back, I have been crocheting for just over three years and have achieved such a lot in that short space of time!! Quite big projects too considering I was such a novice. My favourites have mostly been my blankets so I think it is time... for a blanket review!!!

 February 2012:: Giant Granny Square

March 2012:: Large Granny Square

April 2012:: Mother's Day Blanket

May 2012:: Ripple Blanket

 June 2012:: The Brother's Ripple

July 2012:: Hexagon Blanket

September 2012:: Crochet Patchwork

March 2013:: African Flower Hexagon (Still not finished!!)

March 2013:: Granny Square

That's TEN blankets!!! Two of which aren't yet finished but still-- TeN bLaNkEtS!!!! Plus at least eight cushions, about five jellyfish, multiple daffodils, butterflies, other flowers, a hat, egg cosy.....goodness me!! The list goes on!

Hopefully there will be many more crochet projects in my basket or nestled in my new travel bag, as well as many snuggly evenings in a crochet festooned chair. What could be more cosy?

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