Sunday, 16 February 2014

A Sunday Stroll

Hello my lovelies. Judging by the photos and statuses in the land of Facebook, nearly everybody has been taking advantage of the suddenly nice weather and donned wellies, knitted hats and coats and rushed out to walk in the sunshine-- exactly like my own family!! We went to Lewes and had a good wander around the backstreets looking at chimneys (like you do!) and other interesting things.

(A magical moorhen that can walk on water!!! Or rather the wall that was just underneath this larger than usual pond.)

The above picture shows water being pumped back into the river, such a lot of water in the fields around here!

The main reason for this wander was to take photos for my university project. There are many more interesting and oddly shaped chimneys around here than there are in Leicester. I ended up taking over 80 photos!!! Hopefully that will keep me going until the end of the project.

And this is what we arrived home too. This cat can sleep anywhere! Bless him.

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