Monday, 17 February 2014

Back Again, Back Again

Evening Everyone. I have spent most of the day travelling back from East Sussex and I am pooped!!! Highlights of the day include a bunch of daffies that literally opened yesterday in the sunshine, and a quick (and very blustery!) walk along Brighton seafront whilst waiting for the first coach.

The waves were incredible, crashing against the debris strewn beach. A good day for beach combing I think, there were all sorts of bits lying everywhere. The below picture is from an ITV news page, it is apparently a photo taken this morning of somewhere along Brighton seafront, although I couldn't see anything as dramatic as this!!

After my walk, myself and Elvis, who popped his little felted head out of my bag as I sat down, enjoyed the last few glimpses of home as the coach drew away. 

So here I am! Travel weary and full of a head cold. I arrived to an empty house, but at least there was some post for me- two Valentines cards and some chocolates!! I'm feeling a Bridget Jones film sesh coming on!

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