Sunday, 9 February 2014

Catching Up!

Hi Chaps! I have spent today catching up on some stitchy business, but before I get to that, yesterday evening was spent on the sofa with this cheeky chappy!!! Have I introduced you to George before? He is the newest addition to the household and is my housemate's bunny. We have had him for a few weeks and he is very sweet. (The photo is a bit frosty though, not sure what was up with my camera.)

The first stitch catch up was to sew together all of my houses from the Christmas street swap. They have been lying in a bowl waiting for me to put them together, and I finally got around to it! The technique was the same as when I put together the Rainbow Accordion Pages as I know it works well and still allows flexibility in the joins.

And I have been finishing off last months arrival of the Sew and Stitch magazines. (These photos aren't in the same order as the magazines.) A lovely appliqued starfish!

This square is very simple, but then it doesn't need lots doing to it because of the busy pattern. It is part of a joint piece though, with the stripey blue square I did last week...

They have been machine stitched together and then a lovely length of ric rac was sewn over the join.

Finally this lovely piece (I am very annoyed because someone managed to get lots of black stuff onto the iron, which now won't come off unless it is on one of my pieces- including this one!!), which has some lovely stitching techniques. So now I am all caught up and ready for the next S&S delivery!!! Bring it on!

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