Wednesday, 19 February 2014

City Gardens

Morning!!! Goodness me, it is so lovely to sit down and have a catch up with you all over mugs of coffee. Things have just been so hectic lately with the trip down to Sussex  and back again, followed immediately by a university fabric sourcing trip to London. I never want to see a coach again!!! The trip yesterday was good, although absolutely bucketed down with rain!! I got completely soaked from head to toe. I did source some lovely fabrics though which I will show you in a later post (haven't got any photos of them at the moment). Whilst we were sitting on the coach waiting for the last person to arrive (there is always one isn't there!) I was watching the light fade from over the top of Hyde Park. Isn't it pretty? 

Once things had calmed down somewhat and I had time to catch my breath and just sit in the kitchen. I noticed that my hyacinth has flowered!!! What a beautiful pink! They smell divine as well which is always fantastic. There are still no flowers from my snowdrops though, the leaves just seem to be growing up and up and up!!

I had a huge bit of excitement this morning whilst photographing and sniffing and awing at my hyacinth. A flash of colour through the window caught my eye. What could that be? I asked myself, running to get my dressing gown and slippers so I didn't look like a total loon leaping around the garden in my PJs (only a partial one). After unlocking the back door I flew out into the garden--- not really, I can't fly, change that to jumped into the garden-- and found myself in a flower heaven!

(Don't you think that these look like a little shoal of fish?)

Mini Irises, various different Crocuses, a token Primrose and what look like big and little Daffodils waiting to bloom. Plus the Snowdrops, which are spreading around the garden now rather than just being in one clump. Some of these, like the Irises and Crocuses are those which myself and Lucy planted for last year. Hopefully there should be Tulips coming along at some point as well. Exciting stuff!!!

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