Saturday, 22 February 2014

Packages & Purchases

Evening All!! How's it hangin'? I have some delightful things to share with you, starting with the latest parcel from The Mother!! With a theme of 'Hearts and Flower's it was always going to be a good one.

I don't know how she managed to pack all of these bits and bobs in! Must be like the Mary Poppins carpet bag or something. I do love getting these parcels!! The socks I have already worn, the love hearts were shared and eaten, as was the fortune cookie (apparently I have to wait to be rewarded....), the hot chocolate spoon was sipped and slurped, and I have big plans for the paper flowers!!

A few days ago I promised to show you my purchases from London- I didn't go mad (definitely not as mad as some of the girls, apparently one in particular spent about £400!!!! Incredible.) so there isn't that much, but it is all so pretty!

Did you know that this striped weave is called ticking? You learn something new every day. I think this was one of my favourite fabrics, all of which were from a lovely shop called The Cloth House.

Oooo, and then I went to a new shop called Fan Trimmings!! If you are a lover of haberdashery items (beads, buttons, sequins, trimmings, ribbons, feathers, fastenings, patches, studs, etc etc etc) then you absolutely MuSt visit! They literally have a wall of beads, every shape, size or colour you can think of. You buy them by weight so it can get expensive for heavier things, but for the amount you get, it's not too bad.

Don't you think these pearl beads look like rice? And check out my long black beads!!! So funky.

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