Thursday, 13 February 2014

Stitching with Daffies

What do you think? Slightly different to the others I have stitched recently. This one is a bit prettier and less bold- blue and cream rather than black. I am practicing my techniques too, so far I have utilised all of my couching and stitching techniques from the previous samples, but am including padded applique (which is harder than it looks to get neat!!) and will be working reverse applique where the 'R's are.

These photos were taken yesterday so I have now done more than they show, but I have a feeling I will be working on this piece for a LoNg time as it is a panoramic picture. I will have stumps for fingers!

At least I can stitch with a smile! I do love a teapot of daffies. They are just at their bursting open stage which is the first brilliant stage as the petals are slowly revealed, the next one being when all of the flowers are fully open and beaming from ear to ear (petal to petal??).

The hyacinths look like they are about to pop too! The snowdrops are still just leafy stems. What colour do we think the hyacinths will be? Pink perhaps? My amaryllis is growing quite rapidly- maybe I will be lucky and get some flowers from it this year, they were so beautiful last time.

I have been having some fabulous post recently. This gorgeous winter scene postcard from Wendy. Such beautifully neat machine stitching!! I think the trees are made from a stiff lutrador and painted, really pretty.

 (By Wendy)

I have had my returns for the pleated ATCs as well. It still amazes me how differently people's minds work with regards to their inspirations and favourite techniques. 

(By Paula)                                                  (By Hazel)

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