Saturday, 15 February 2014

Surprise Surprise!!

Oooh that's better, a bit of sunshine!! Not that it was sunny for very long, we've had hail as well as the customary downpour today, all accompanied by a generous side of hurricane winds. Where is all this horrible weather coming from??!
I surprised the family yesterday by turning up on the doorstep unannounced (the look on The Mother's face was hilarious when she saw me sat at the table upon walking into the kitchen. Tee hee, I do love surprises). It is only a fleeting visit and, weather permitting, I will be back on the two coach, one bus journey back to Leicester on Monday- it takes hOuRs but is totally worth it. Especially as I got to see my Grandad who is ill in hospital at the moment, it is very hard for all of the family so I thought I should pop home to help out for a bit.
Despite the raging winds, the garden seems to be stirring to life and there are various little flowers popping up- including some un-expected grasses growing from the bird feeder! I have some university work with me so I shall be getting on with that, when I'm not wandering around finding more chimneys to photograph!!
Stay safe in the storms!! xx

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