Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Chimneys, Ginger & Chains

Do you like my title? I am very tired (serves me right for starting to write a post so late at night!!) and couldn't think of anything more exciting or cryptic than that. What you see is basically what you are getting this time, no hidden secrets in this post!
At uni I have been working on a new triptych idea that was suggested to me last week. Using a sketch of a photograph I have, I split it into three and have been painstakingly hand sewing the design onto three 10 x 10 cm canvases- which is a lot harder than it looks I can tell you! There is a nasty hole in one of my fingers through too much hard needle usage so I now have to make doubly sure I use a thimble and lots of hand cream. Today I finished the first two and have started the third! So excited to see them all together!

Coming home from a long day at uni, to find an unexpected parcel from The Mother, is just the best thing ever!! She has been saying that she has been finding it hard to come up with themes for the latest parcels, although I think she is doing a sterling job. Who would have though of ginger for a theme? Works well. So far I have eaten the poor gingerbread men, and might have cracked open the Fox's biscuits (just to make sure they survived the journey you understand....), and had a ginger hot chocolate. All very scrummy- and surprisingly good with pancakes!!

Did you enjoy your pancake day? Any unusual recipes you have been trying out? I am a traditional girl by heart, and my favourite topping is the classic lemon and sugar. So yummy! I was the chief pancake maker this evening and it all went smashingly well! No upsets on the floor (or the ceiling) and no wasted batter either. Fabulous!

When not mixing and swirling and ladle-ing and swooshing and flipping and serving and topping and, oh mmm, eating(!) pancakes, I spent the evening working on some new ATCs. These ones are for a chain stitch swap. I have cheated a little here as the foliage is actually a bought fabric with a machine stitched chain (presumably done on a Cornelli machine) that I have embellished with my own detached chain stitches and some beading. I am really pleased with them though, especially the below ones. They are really pretty, even if I do say so myself!! (The little bee has been made almost entirely out of layered detached chains!!)

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