Saturday, 29 March 2014

Easter Already?

Yesterday morning the Postman brought me a lovely parcel- well actually he brought me quite a few lovely things, but I will just show you my favourites. The most important one was an early Easter themed parcel from The Mother!! It had Easter chains, ribbons, felt makes, chocolates and a little felt bunny she had made herself (with a creme egg inside!!). Fantastic stuff!!! I don't know when would be to early to start decorating my Easter tree and hanging up the chains.....

Ooo thought I would sneak this in. This piece is the latest sample for my university work. Some quick (hah!) drawn thread stripes. The photo is a little outdated now as I have worked a lot more rows and techniques into the piece (the photos were taken on Friday afternoon) which is very exciting. If the tutors like the technique I may be putting it in a lot more samples!

(By Annie)

Returning to the Postman's gifts- I had my chain stitch returns as well. Funnily enough, it seemed that all three of us humble participants had the same general floral idea!! Lots of chain stitched stems. Aren't they lovely?

(By Wendy)

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