Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mother's Day!!

Good Afternoon Everybody!!! Happy Mothering Sunday to you all. I hope that you Mothers have been spoilt rotten today, and that all you others are those doing the spoiling! It has been really lovely today and the french doors have been open for the majority of the afternoon to let in the warm fresh air.

It was hamster cleaning time too (stinky creatures)- I'm never sure if they like it or not. Maybe they are like me and hate having their beds changed (it's usually just as you get it really nice and comfortable), or perhaps they enjoy having fresh clean bedding and lots more food to fill up their houses with. Milo was certainly straight in to the middle of his food bowl!

Cheeky little thing!

Throughout today I have been sent lots of photos of things happening back in East Sussex. The family went out with my Grandmother to Eastbourne to see some Saxon bones, and Daniel appears to have adopted the fashion! Then I was sent a series of photos to do with a mutated daffodil in the back garden. It seems to have multiple layers of the yellow centre and the white outer petals. (I think it looks a bit like a fried egg.)

The Mother took a photo of the M Day parcel that I sent her. Fully of interesting and edible goodies!! I think she liked it. I think Mother's Day is always a good time to recognise just how brilliant The Mother's children are- especially me. Tee hee. Happy Mother's Day Mum!! xx

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