Saturday, 1 March 2014

The First Day of Spring!

Happy 1st of March!! And Happy St David's Day!! I am feeling very Spring-like today, and have treated myself to a coffee in bed with all of the curtains open so that the sun can pour into my room and the blue sky can smile down at me. I did have to venture into the kitchen to make the coffee though so took some photos of my daffodils in the teapot.

I have got a little routine at the minute concerning these daffodils, as soon as one bunch looks like it is on the turn, I buy another one and combine the two so we have everlasting daffodils!!

The garden is a really lovely sight at the moment (as long as you look at it with a view finder and pick out the best bits), lots of little bright flowers hiding in the flowerbeds, and we have already had lots of two legged visitors today!

I had some sMaShInG post the other day! It arrived on the same day that Emma did so I have only really just had a chance to look at it, and there were lots of goodies inside the big cardboard box!! It was this months Sew and Stitch delivery but also contained another folder for all of the magazines to live in (a good thing too, the other one was getting very full and heavy), as well as a subscription present. Can you guess what it is?

It's a little sewing box!!! Only a diddy one, but is big enough to keep all of the threads we are collecting, as well as the buttons and ribbons, and the little sewing kit tin they have also given us.

Sew and Stitch will have to wait for a while though as I have brought stitchy business home with me for the weekend.

I have been playing with bonding different fabrics together (this thin blue cotton is blended with a stripy white and red men's suiting fabric- although you can only really tell when it is held up to the light) to see what textures, colours and patterns can be created. This is thinking in terms of lampshades really, a kind of what-can-be-revealed-when-you-turn-the-light-on type thing.

This one isn't destined for lampshade life, it's an experiment in bonding fabric shapes down (quick and easy!! Very different in comparison to the time consuming stitched pictures!) and then stitching over the top. You don't think they look too much like salt and pepper shakers do you?

And finally, this one is my longest piece so far!! The shapes have been cut from vinyl and have the front of one stitched picture, meshed together with the back of another. Just an idea that a tutor had, to go from solid and neat to broken up and slightly messy. I think I will try and mess up the neat one with tufting and loose threads, but we will see.

Just to show you the different fabrics bonded together here, the top fabric is a really thin white cotton with a chequered weave, and has been bonded to a red check printed fabric.

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