Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Chimneys In Progress

Boom!!! Kapow!!! Ping!! Pong!! Aren't these flowers lovely? Picked up today at the local supermarket for a few pounds. They are such at beautiful colour I think- really deep and zingy...if such a combination of words can work together like that.

I had a brilliant tutorial in university today. One of my tutors used to be a stylist so automatically arranges work into 'stories', which was exactly what I needed as I was starting to wonder if my pieces worked together as a collection. So these show some of the different mini collections (or stories) that are within the main one. They are arranged into working colours, techniques, shapes etc.

I'm really pleased with how it is turning out. Some of the pieces take an incredibly long time to finish as I am doing a lot of hand stitching onto them, but it is looking like it will be worth it.

One such piece is this one, which took me about a day and a half to sew!! The back of it looks quite funky too- I think I may turn it into a print so that I can keep both sides.

I am hoping to turn several of my samples into funny shaped lampshades. They will be long and thin I think, although it depends on what the lovely lampshade people say. (If you are thinking of getting some lampshades made up then I recommend Katrina Kingdom, they are very friendly.) To test whether or not my samples would work well as lampshades, I draped them over a lightbox...and look what I revealed!!!

Looking fabulous even if I do say so myself!!

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