Thursday, 10 April 2014

Little Japanese Ladies

Good Evening Chumlets!!! I have had a smashing evening, and am just wrapping it up with hot buttery crumpets, smooth hot chocolate and a chat to you lovely readers. Really, I am desperate to tell you, to show you, to boast to you in a sort of pride-ful 'Mummy look what I did today(!!)' way, about my latest set of ATCs. I am so proud of these and will be hard pushed to give them away, but I know they will be going to loving homes. So without further ado, please let me introduce you to my little Japanese ladies!!!

Do you like them? Please say you do!! They have been made with meticulous pattern cutting, precise folding and ironing and a lot of love. Do take a closer look!

I have two more MixedMediaGroup_UK swaps to be making for this month, a set of herringbone ATCs and a mini Crazy Quilt!! Fun stuff!
As well as stitching my little ladies, I have also been trying to learn a new song on the piano (ah hah!! You didn't know I dabbled on the keys did you? Just dabbling mind you, I've never quite been able to crack anything complicatedly two handed), it is Gnossienne Number One by Erik Satie and is quite beautiful. Just the thing to listen to before bed! Hope you enjoy it too. Good night my lovelies. xx

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