Sunday, 6 April 2014

Spring Cleaning

Evening Chaps!!! The Easter holidays have begun for many, including me although as I will be working for most of it, it probably won't feel like a holiday. Several of my housemates have dispersed back to their home towns for a few weeks so it seemed like a good time to get in a quick spring clean. I don't think the kitchen has ever looked so clean and tidy!! Quite incredible!

My flowers, with the exception of the roses which were throwing their petals everywhere, are still going strong. I have transferred them to a smaller glass and they seem quite happy. Such a gorgeously strong colour! It coincidentally goes incredibly well with the colour of the walls.

As the house was looking so spectacularly neat, I thought I would make a start on the Easter decorations. Do you remember the latest parcel from The Mother? It contained all sorts of Eastery things, including these paper chains. They are the kind you lick and stick- eurgh, they didn't taste nice at all, and definitely did not go well with coffee!!

I managed to get two decent lengths out of them though and they are looking fabulous in the hallway and kitchen!

Then of course, once I had started I just had to carry on!! I dug out the decorations from last year (trapping my finger in a draw in the process- ouchy.) to go with my new ones. For the past two years (2013. 2012) I have made an Easter tree and I hope that this tradition will continue forever!!

Some of the old ones I thought I would customise. These little pom pom bunnies have been loitering around in my bedroom, but with a little bit of ribbon stitched behind the ears, they are sweet little additions to my tree.

And another present from The Mother in the Easter parcel was this felt chick/egg kit. I didn't use any of the provided threads (because they were a weird orange colour!!) and gave them a little Dotty T TLC with matching thread colours and beady eyes.

The branches were found in a nearby hedgerow (no living trees were harmed in the process), and I have decorated the jug with cream tissue paper and more of the Easter ribbons. I am particularly proud of this little tree!!

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