Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Church Garden

I live next to quite a pretty church. The building itself isn't necessarily impressive (although I am slightly obsessed with the bell tower at sunset as you may have noticed), but the carefully tended garden absolutely brings out the best of the brick walls. And on such a glorious day as today, it was so spectacular I had to go out and photograph it for you!

Returning our back garden, the colours are not quite as snazzy (we don't have as expert planting skills as the Church volunteers), but we have a few uplifting areas such as the neighbour's tree which has snuck over the fence and a beautiful tulip that is flowering. A nice place to sit and contemplate in the mornings with a mug of coffee.

And because it was so beautiful and hot (sun cream worthy in fact!), myself and Lucy made ourselves a makeshift table with some boxes to eat our lunch from, and then I spent the afternoon working away half in the sun, half in the shade, with the ironing board as a work table.

Accompanied by matching lolly pops and pink lemonade of course!

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