Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Last Day of April

The last day of April has simply flown by!!! I was a busy little bee at university today and thoroughly earned a coffee in the garden in the sunshine. It has been very muggy hasn't it? I had to go in to town for fabric and photo frames (you will see why in a minute!) this afternoon and it was sweltering!!

The hat had its first proper outside outing as well. I do love this hat, it has a fantastic brim, and, gosh what lovely flowers!

I learnt this afternoon that loveheart sweets do NOT go well with coffee. Don't try it. Eurgh.

We have lots of pink flowers in the garden, although they all seem to be absolutely teeming with greenfly!! More ladybugs are needed around here I think.

Things seem to be coming together for my university work (I hope I'm not jinxing it here), my new business cards arrived yesterday (on a gorgeous textured paper)...

...and I finally finished and framed my original stitched chimney photos! I know you have seen these before but now they are properly finished and ready for display at the final hand in. So pleased with these!!

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