Saturday, 3 May 2014

Abbey Park Babies

Chaps!! I have had a fabulous morning! I had been planning to take a trip to Abbey Park this weekend for a while as it is around the same time of year that I last saw baby things in the Park. The weather couldn't be nicer- just the right amount of wind so you don't boil, combined with brilliant sunshine which really shows the park off at its best.

There were several birds still nesting, mostly swans by the looks of things.

The ducklings were out though, zipping around on the pond at top speed, cheeping at each other the entire time!

And there were a few strange looking baby coots. What are baby coots called? Do they have a specific name?

Finally I came across what I had gone to the park to see- goslings!!

They are just the cutest, fluffiest little things.

I was a bit wary of the adult geese though, they kept a very careful eye on me- especially the cheeky chappy below who stared at me for quite a long time.

One of the nice bits about being a regular visitor of the park is that you get to see the change in the types of flowers and the different colours that appear in the flowerbeds.

It was a lovely morning, topped off with a cheeky ice cream!!

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