Thursday, 15 May 2014

Elephant ATCs

FIRE TULIPS!!!! I am pretty excited by these. I don't think they are actually called fire tulips but that is what they remind me of, a wonderfully pretty floral bonfire. The colour is just incredible and I love the slight frill to the edges of the petals. They have spent most of the day in the sun and as such have opened out, cautiously unfurling so that they appear to be exploding even more!!

I love these flowers so much, look, here is my happy flower face (with tongue stuck behind my teeth as per usual)...

I have spent most of the day in the garden, yes I even took my flower filled teapot out with me, working on a lovely little project that I have most thoroughly enjoyed. I was even accompanied at one point by a friendly neighborhood robin who serenaded me as I stitched.

This was my little spot in the garden, using the ironing board as a table (again), and sat in the shade of a tree.

I was working on this month's ATC swap- Elephants. I decided to adapt my felt elephant design for this as I think they are rather cute. The pattern was shrunk down to ATC size and I got to play with matching felt and fabrics and cutting out cute little ears and even cuter little tails!

They don't take very long and are very pleasurable to make. I was thinking (whilst I stitched) that maybe I could experiment with making felt pictures of my be-trunked friends? That might look quite nice.
Would you like to see the finished ATCs? Of course you would!! Here you go then...

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