Sunday, 25 May 2014


Ah, what a nice afternoon we have had. The last few days have been quite busy but with a kind of strange calmness about it. There have been moments tinged with sadness but also fond memories and sometimes hysterical laughter. The cats seem quite unperturbed by it all, and Ziggy especially has been enjoying the sun- pinching Dad's chair when he gets up to do some gardening.

The garden itself has been getting a slight face lift. The droopy spring flowers pulled up to make way for pretty summer florals. I put my new gardening gloves on and was in charge of replanting the bluebell bulbs as Dad pulled up the leaves.

On Friday I treated myself (or rather The Mother treated me) to my very own Hydrangea plant. I have wanted one of these for aGeS!! Ever since I saw that bank of different coloured Hydrangea bushes at Killerton in Devon last year.

I have been working quite hard at the computer recently as well, being in charge of my Mixed Media Class' yearbook. Lots of pages being created on Photoshop, but I have also started a new square for my Sew and Stitch quilt. A blanket stitch boat!

I was even treated to an ice lolly from the ice cream van that comes up our road. Mm, delicious!

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