Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Tying Up Loose Ends

Today has been a day for finishing things off, tying up the loose ends (quite literally in some cases). I decided that I should put an Oxford edging on the giant cushion as the inner was slightly too small (now fits much better!!) and it made it look different to the other two cushions in the collection. Now I have found this technique, I may also be slightly obsessed with it- Oxford edgings all round!! Tee hee.

I also stitched on some poppers to help keep the back neatly shut. I had never put these on before so it was a learning curve for me- quite pleased with the result.

I have finished my promotional pack (part of a university module)- do you like it?

The pack contains a CV, personal profile, page of images from my favourite projects, a postcard, two business cards and a compliment slip. All of the papers are varying weights of watercolour paper so there is a lovely textured feel to everything.

And at the back, the pouchette envelope is secured with a personalised sticker before being tied up with ribbon (like a present!).

To treat myself for doing so well this morning, I nipped in to the supermarket and came across a lovely bunch of reduced price flowers!!! Aren't they lovely? Such strong colours!

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