Sunday, 15 June 2014

Lazy Sunday Mornings

It's so nice to be lazy sometimes isn't it? I had such a lovely long lie in this morning- it was definitely needed after the busy week! I popped into the garden earlier to discover that there were lots of ripe, juicy raspberries ready for eating on our raspberry bush (shrub, tree, plant??). We hadn't noticed it was there until a few weeks ago when someone pointed it out to us, I certainly don't remember raspberries being there last year but maybe we had always left for the holidays long before the fruit appeared. I am definitely taking advantage of this unexpected garden offering, so fresh raspberries for breakfast!! Mmmmm.

We don't pay that much attention to our garden really, being in a rented house and all. I think at one time it must have been beautiful as there are some very pretty plants that pop up in the changing seasons that can only have been planted there. The most interesting part for me is waiting for the seasons to change to see what else appears, currently the loudest plant is certainly the above yellow flowered bush!

I have been working very hard (sat in the front of the TV with a hot chocolate...definitely a hard life!) on The Sister's sunset/sunrise blanket. I forgot to take a photo but the other week I ordered lots more wool to use and the parcel that arrived was absolutely delicious!! The Sister is most insistent on the use of orange so I have been hunting for different kinds of orange all over the place and ordered some wool from Wool Warehouse who were fab. Lots of choice and very quick delivery. I like the names of the colours I ordered::
 Spice, Jaffa, Lipstick, Pomegranate, Saffron

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