Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Loving Random

I hope you don't mind but this post is very much a mish- mash of random things. Starting with the two pairs of shoes that I found lined up on the wall outside my house this morning. They are still there now, goodness knows where they came from. Very odd.

I am looking forwards to settling down with my new magazines this afternoon. Mug of coffee in one hand, munching on chocolate chip hobnobs and ready about all sorts of crafty creative things- fab!!
I discovered a few new blogs recently that I absolutely love!! Tales From A Happy House, written by Gillian is beautifully colourful and simple. She made me laugh the other day as she put some great cloud photos on and said that 'Interesting clouds, like sunsets, must be photographed. It's the blogging law'. Which is very much how I feel and you poor people have to listen to me rambling on about the sky and the sun and the colours of the sunsets. It's good to find someone else who rambles on about that sort of thing as well, so in honour of that- here are some cloud photos!!

I have also come across Lil Fish Studios, written by Lisa (from across the pond in the USA). She makes the most amazing felted and stitched pebbles which I have the biggest wanties for- and her blog is currently inundated with cuteness in the form of three little yellow ducklings!!

I am loving my new Gladioli!!! Such a beautiful, sunny, happy colour. I've never had a bright yellow one before I don't think (looks back through the Gladioli I haven't.) and it positively gLoWs when the sun shines on it. Only three stems, but the reflection in the window makes it look like there are a few more there which is lovely.

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