Saturday, 28 June 2014

New Talent:: Part Two

(Rosie Campbell)

Evening!!! I know it is very late, but having sat around at New Designers for most of the day, followed by a hectic and hot taking down of the stand and repacking it into the van, then an even more hectic and slightly scary solo journey on various London tubes to get to Victoria coach station, topped off with a 2 and a half hour coach journey...I can't get to sleep! I am so tired I have accidentally gone past the Land of Nod, so thought that working on the second half of my New Designers, designer round-up, might help.

This time I am looking at Design Crafts- so mostly glass and ceramics, with maybe a bit of metal and wood thrown in for good measure! I love the rabbits in the top image, the creations of Rosie Campbell. I think they are fab, and her illustrations are just as bizarrely endearing. Check out her website for more details.

My next offering comes in the form of Parian clay- lovingly moulded and shaped by Vivienne Saunders! They are such cute little bowls, perfect for any mantle piece or side table. Should you be interested, check out her website!

I don't think this photo shows the complete completed bulldog, but at least it gives you an idea of the characters that are created by William Rolls. His bulldogs certainly stood out from the rest of the show for me, and you can see all of his works via his website, or Facebook page!

And now for something completely different. You know me, keeping things fresh! Er, anyway...these beautiful butterflies are the creation of Lynne Robinson. I love the photoshoot she did to display her work, and the actual items were just as stunning. Now she is very online savvy, with a website, a Facebook page, and a blog!

These are definitely made by one of my favourite designers- Katie Weyman. The patterns are so delicate and really compliment the media used. I thoroughly recommend that you visit her website, and she writes a blog as well!! Happy days!

And this I loved because of the interesting technique. Would you believe me when I said that the shapes in the photo above were made of glass? But not glass as we know it!! This is a kind of glass paste that she presses through a screen to create a pattern- so basically she screen prints using glass instead of ink. I just thought that was really nice and had a slightly conceptual flair if you read about her project beginnings. Which you can do if you click on the link to her website!

So there we have it!! I think there should be a few more business cards and postcards floating around in my suitcase, so if I ever find them I will write another post about some more of the amazing designers that were taking part in New Designers 2014 Part One!! It is all over now of course, although I would recommend that you visit the second half which promises to be just as beautiful, talented and creative as the first (except that I won't be there! Hah!). Tickets can still be bought from the New Designers website. I do apologise if any of my wordings and sentences don't quite make sense- a sort of sleepy delirium is setting in so I think it is time for lights out. Good night chaps!! x

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