Tuesday, 1 July 2014


June is over, thank goodness!!! I usually like June, there are lots of birthdays, it's the start of summer and glorious weather...but this year June has just been too hectic. What with the end of my final project, the degree show, then New Designers, followed by moving out of the studio and my university house (lots of cleaning, packing, travelling, recycling, more cleaning...), there has barely been a minute to sit down! Now that it is all over though, I can sit and relax for a bit- before something else comes along that is.

The garden is looking supremely lovely (although it doesn't have fresh raspberries- strawberries will have to do), with the pink rose bush in full bloom. I love that as the flowers age, the shade of pink changes so the bush in its entirety has several shades of pink, really beautiful.

The birds planted a sunflower in one of the pots and we have watched it grow, waiting with baited breath for the flower head to open. They are such fantastic flowers aren't they?

And my Hydrangea is also in full swing. The pink matches the roses!

The lilies smell absolutely divine in the evenings, especially when there isn't a very strong wind so the sweet scent just lingers over the garden. Such a lovely thing to come home too.

I have some very fantastic, fantabulous news to share with you all before I go. This morning I checked my university Internet site and discovered that I have been awarded a Second Class Honours, Upper Level Degree- or a 2:1!!! I am over the moon as it is a great achievement and just what I wanted. I was allowed to see the marks given for the last set of hand-ins, and I was given a first for my final major project which I am very happy about- it being the first, first given to me for a practical project. So that definitely started the end of my university time with a bang!! Quick, get out the champers! x

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