Saturday, 5 July 2014

Dotty T Stitchery

Morning!!! What do you think of my new logo? I felt ready for a change in how my blog looked now that I am a (puffs up chest) graduate of university. Plus I really wanted to start using my stitched lines in preparation for a potential business endeavour, as well as playing around with my needle and threads again.

I finished and laced it last night, then photographed and edited the colours slightly to make it brighter. I know lots of people scan in their work to make logos and the like but when I tried it, all sorts of weird lines and colours appeared so I went back to my usual way.

There is a lot of whip stitch in this piece as I like the drawn quality it provides. The initial back stitch (like in the button flower centres) doesn't always give a smooth line but whip stitch really helps to smooth it out. Plus you can whip as many colours as you like around the stitches to give a mottled, or two tone effect, and it really raises the stitching above the fabric in a way that is very appealing to a texture junkie like me.
I have little forget-me-not type flowers as well, made of detached chain stitches, and my favourite, french knots. Hopefully this will be the start of good things!!

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