Saturday, 26 July 2014

Let It Be

We had a lazy afternoon, myself, the caterpillars and the cats. Apparently these hairy beauties are going to turn into the White Butterflies (are they the cabbage ones?) when they have finished eating all of the Nasturtiums.

Ziggy was a zonked out, melted puddle for most of the day. I think even he is too hot at times as he just collapses in the shade and lays there looking at you pitifully.

I have been working on a few more designs for hoops in my sketchbook, including two for (whispers) c.h.r.i.s.t.m.a.s... I haven't started stitching them up yet, instead my attention was caught by an earlier design I did which was really simple and quick to do.

It has some nice interesting stitches as well as old favourites. Whip stitch letters, blanket stitch flowers, back stitch stems, chain stitch leaves...

Running stitch border with a fly stitch leafy top and french knot yellow centres.

It looks really lovely in it's hoop so I think I will just frame it in one- possibly wrapping some nice fabric around the wood first to decorate.

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