Monday, 7 July 2014

My Etsy Shop

Chaps!! I have the most delicious, delightful, divine and d-exciting news!! I have fInAlLy opened an Etsy shop!!! An actual shop, where you can buy things and everything!! It is of course, and ongoing project so currently my shop is only very small (two items small that is). Do you remember my stitched pieces from last summer? 'Flaming June' and 'Lavender's Blue'? Well you can now buy the pattern and make your own versions!! Isn't that an exciting prospect! They would make fabulous presents for people named June or Lavender, anyone who loves their garden, flowers, colour, stitch, summer etc.
Do please pop over to my shop and say hello. You can click here, or on the Etsy icon on the right hand side. It would be lovely if you could favourite my shop as well, maybe add me to some collections, spread the word....or just like my PDF products, and of course please do buy and have a go!! They are such easy patterns and can be printed at any size. If you do have a crack at it, it would be lovely to see what you have done!

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