Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Out of Season

It has been slightly surreal for me in the last few days as I have started designing some Christmas themed hoop embroideries. Sitting around in the baking hot sun, with a garden overflowing with life, colour and flowers is not a time I would usually consider starting to make the Christmas decorations!!

And I mean, there is just so MUCH colour in the garden!

I have found it really simple to transfer my sketchbook designs onto fabric recently with the purchase of a very clever pen!

It vanishes from the fabric within a few days, and I have had to occasionally quickly go over lines just hours after drawing them on initially as they start to fade. Brilliant really as if you make a mistake you just leave it and the mistake will go away, no one need know!

The lines haven't all completely faded from my latest (very un-seasonal) embroidery, if you look really closely you might see some faint purple in the gaps.

Do you like my little robin?

As usual everything is hand stitched, and the stitches used were: whip stitch, back stitch, french knots, satin stitch, running stitch, star stitch, and some kind of open whip stitch (the name of which I can't remember- its the one inside the baubles). Oh and of course, stitching down the buttons!

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