Friday, 18 July 2014

Pretty Postcards

Ahhh, I just couldn't resist in the supermarket yesterday, and ended up bringing home this lovely bunch of happiness!! Sunflowers are good for the soul I think, you can't look at them and be sad.
Did any of you have a storm last night? We had an absolute corker!! It was fantastic, the flashes of lightening were incredibly bright and just encompassed the entire sky, and the claps of thunder were setting off alarms in my street!! One of the best storms I have ever seen I think, even if it did wake me up at ridiculous o'clock at night.

I had a happy few minutes this morning organising my postcards from the MixedMediaGroups_UK ladies. I am rearranging my wall where a lot of these were tacked up and have decided that it would be more practical to have them in a nice book where I can take them out and examine, rather than just getting used to them being on the wall and not paying attention.

I purchased a photo album from Wilkos whilst in Leicester last weekend, and have plans to cover it in something pretty, and so far it is looking good! My first postcards were made in 2011! A long time ago now.

Would you like to see all of my postcards? They are very lovely! Oh go on then. 

 ('Leaves' by Annie in 2011)

  ('Leaves' by Jean in 2011)

  ('Leaves' by Sue in 2011)

 ('White & Cream' by Annie in 2012)

 ('White & Cream' by Becky in 2012)

 ('White & Cream' by Paula in 2012)

 ('Green' by Becky in 2012)

  ('Green' by Mary in 2012)

  ('Green' by Wendy in 2012)

 ('Vintage' by Sam in 2012)

 ('The Beach' by Wendy in 2012)

('Scrim Fabric' by Annie in 2013)

 ('Celebration' by Judah in 2013. Part of The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap)

 ('Crazy Patchwork' by Wendy in 2014)

 ('Flowers' by Wendy in 2014)

('Winter Scene' by Wendy in 2014)

And the current working postcard is another beachy themed one. Looking forwards to adding my return to my collection!!

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