Friday, 4 July 2014

The Fourth Of July

Morning!! And a Happy 4th July to any American readers! (Although judging by the American blogs I read, the 4th of July for you technically started on my yesterday- if that makes any sense?) What a gorgeous day we have this morning!! It's been so lovely this week weatherwise, the cat doesn't know where to put himself. He likes the sun but gets hot really quickly because of his coat so has to keep moving and sitting half in, half out...all very complicated. He was sitting in his chair outside yesterday but gave up and had to move underneath it, bless him.

I am currently preferring the shade myself at the moment, finding that the evening sun is less likely to instantly burn me to a crisp. The photo at the top of this post is my view for this morning. I have set up camp just inside the french doors with a glorious view over the garden, cat at my feet, Classical FM playing on the radio and a quick sewing project on my lap-- all rather lovely.

The garden really is looking quite spectacular at the moment.

I have been feeling rather confused and lost now that university has finished. There is something rather scary about the prospect of actually having to find a job or way of earning money. I really don't feel that a normal 9-5 job would suit me, and look enviously at those stay at home businesses that I follow on Facebook. I have a small plan to try and get commissions to stitch people's houses (like my original Leicester street stitches), and open an Etsy shop where people can buy prints and the originals themselves, so am working on building up a reserve of stitched pieces to start me off.
I thought I would start off by stitching a logo whilst I wait for some tools of the trade to arrive in the post and so have been playing around with designs that I like. This is the current WIP...

I will be adding flowers and colour when I have finished the text. Hopefully it will look at nice as it does in my imagination!

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