Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A Sunday Supper

Morning All! Isn't it nice to have some rain UK peeps? It has been getting a lot chillier in the evenings we have noticed, yesterday we even shut the doors and were cosied up inside for the evening. Actually iNsIdE!!! It is nice not to have to worry about watering the plants and keeping an eye on those that are prone to droopage, and everything looks so green this morning!!

Sunday evening was a different kettle of fish though as we had a spontaneous fish and chip supper in Lewes. We drove to two fish/chip shops before finding a third one open and then went to the stoolball pitch to sit in the golden sunshine and eat our tea.

There is something very lovely about sunshine in the evening. All golden and warm without being too hot and bright. It makes everything look pretty.

Our stoolball pitch is right next to (and within the old grounds of) The Priory of St. Pancras. It used to be one of the wealthiest monasteries in England, although you wouldn't know it, looking at the ruins now. There is so little of it left, considering the size and height that it would once have been. Oh to have a TARDIS and go back in time to see how it was when actually in use by the monks.

Monday of course, was the British Legion, Centenary Lights Out Day. We did our bit, albeit slightly earlier than the 10pm it was supposed to be- Dad wanted to go to bed so ours were lit at 9 so we could enjoy them.

I have just been sorting through some photos on my camera, and came across these two random ones. Do you see the grumpy little face in the Snap Dragon below?

And then there is Ziggy, trying to copy the expression.

I had some lovely post this week. ATC returns!! They never fail to make me smile. These are the returns for the 'Beside the Seaside' swap.

 (By Hazel)

 (By Alison)                                                 (By Wendy)

I recognised Wendy's before looking at the back to check, there is a very familiar little starfish on hers!! Very much like the one on the Seaside postcard of last week. 

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