Saturday, 23 August 2014

Commissioned Alliums

It is very difficult to photograph an embroidery framed behind glass without getting a reflection in the glass itself. I gave it my best shot though (thanks to The Mother for modeling). This is a commission I finished several weeks ago. The brief was for two embroidered Allium flowers in a nice frame to be given by an A Level student to his tutor as a thank you for helping him achieve fantastic results.

After some Pinterest searching for inspiration on colour, composition, size and shape this is the design I came up with!! I am really pleased with it. There are two colours of green worked in hugely long stitches outwards from the centre, three different shades of purple flower heads (each worked with 5 detached chain stitches) on the larger flower head, and a white and pale lilac on the smaller. I added some beads to particular coloured flowers for some sparkle.

The stems are two colours of green, worked in quite a thick back stitch.

I know the embroidery has been given to the very kind and helpful tutor although still haven't heard any feedback from them. The family who commissioned the piece seemed very pleased with it though, hopefully it's new owner is just as thrilled.

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