Sunday, 28 September 2014

Fabulous Florets!

A super exciting patchwork milestone was reached today- I finally got fed up with sewing together mini hexagon shapes into slightly bigger hexagon shapes and have begun to take out some of the tacking and paper pieces!!

This morning was quite an early start (even with a two hour lie in), and there was still a heavy morning mist lingering over the gardens and coating everything in shimmering droplets. These spider webs were particularly impressive! (I much prefer webs without the spiders in.)

Ziggy was trying to be helpful in helping me count up my hexagon pieces. I have pieced together 83 'florets' (made of 7 hexagon pieces) which adds up to an impressive 581 hexagons overall!! And those are just the ones that have been put together, I still have a few handfuls of unattached hexagons that are waiting patiently until it is their turn to be used.

This afternoon I began taking out the middle pieces of paper, just because I was curious to see what would happen, if anything. All of the florets have been carefully ironed and pressed on both sides which helps the folds of fabric to keep a crisp shape. The exciting bit will begin when I start sewing florets together- something to begin this evening I think, in front of an episode of Murder, She Wrote perhaps?

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