Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Hexagon Patchwork

I am totally in love with my holiday project. I must admit that it did get started before the holiday because I couldn't wait to begin, but it was a great idea to take on the boat as it is very transportable. You may have already guessed what it is from the photo above (and the title- dead giveaway) but I feel I should explain. A few weeks ago The Mother bought a patchwork magazine (of which neither of us can remember the name of) which had a free gift of 1000 paper hexagon templates to be used for a pieced patchwork project. I spent a few hours before the holiday, ironing, drawing around a slightly larger shaped hexagon template and cutting up lots of fabric in preparation.

The pieces of fabric then all have to be tacked to the little paper templates, neatly folding over the corners to make sure nothing pops out. It was very therapeutic to sit on the boat, gently rocking from side to side (actually I have spent so long with the gentle rocking motion, I catch myself rocking still, although on dry land!!), working through the pile of fabric and paper hexagons.

I had organised the cut up fabrics into a rainbow (it's the little things), so the box of tacked hexes slowly changed from blue through to purple and green and yellow and orangey/red. (Not quite a true rainbow.)

Until eventually I had finished tacking ALL of the hexagons!! All 238 of them. Quite an achievement.

The next move was to sit and play with colour and pattern. One of my most favourite things. I decided to stitch together 7 hexagons to make a kind of flower, still a transportable size that would fit in my travel project box and could be stitched together later.

It is so much fun! So much colourful goodness!! The shapes are very carefully whip stitched together on the back, making sure not to catch the paper so that it can be removed later when all of the stitching and ironing is finished. My little pile of hexagon flowers grew quite quickly once I got started.

There are still plenty more 'flowers' to make so I will keep you posted on my progress.

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